Do you have what it takes to survive?
The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a turn-based tactical RPG based on AMC’s massive hit show “The Walking Dead”. In this action-packed strategy game you attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Collect familiar characters from the series, necessary resources, powerful weapons and armor to defend your base. Every day may be your last day on earth!
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon
Negan Smith
Carol Peletier
Maggie Rhee
Carl Grimes
The Governor
The Governor
Collect and play with iconic characters from "The Walking Dead". With the odds stacked against you, train your survivors, keep them safe and equip them with the most powerful weapons and armor so they have a chance to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
Locations & Stories
Army Compound
Some of us made it out of Terminus alive. Most didn't.
We heard rumors of an abandoned supply convoy. We decided to take our chances with it.
Prison Basement
Jack had an idea of going through the cellar. A safe shortcut, he said. He's dead now.
Shadow of Eden
This place is gone. Dead everywhere.
American Pastoral
We heard the screams from the other side of the fence, but rushing in was a bad idea.
This place is almost secured. Two left!
Proving Grounds
We heard a rumor of a thriving community in Woodbury. That was some weeks ago.
Rendezvous with Eden
We figured we'd find safety on a remote farm. The tall vegetation turned out to be infested with walkers.
The Pursuit
We had made it through most of the town unscathed, but we would not get to the supply crates without a fight.
Escape Distractions
Damn. Even the National Guard were no match for the walker horde.
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